Song of the Mountains to feature musical mix at Marion taping

2015-march-jimbo-whaley“A wide variety of music will be featured on the Nov. 7 concert taping of Song of the Mountains at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion. Randy Waller of the Country Gentlemen will present his extensive selection of tunes at the award-winning program as will Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours. Bluegrass fans will be entertained by Mack Puckett and the Good Company Band and Jimbo Whaley and Greenbrier. For Carter Family music lovers, Eugene Wolf will serenade the audience and add an international flavor by including his friend Mitya Kuznetsov from Russia.”


Bluegrass Today

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“Jimbo Whaley has been getting attention for his singing and songwriting since his time as co-founder of Pine Mountain Railroad in 1998. Currently Whaley is performing with bluegrass group, Greenbrier.

The band has recently released an all gospel CD entitled The Back of the Book. Greenbrier is composed of Whaley – guitar and vocals; Roger Helton – guitar, banjo, dobro and vocals; and Scott Carris – bass. Other musicians performing on the recording include: Danny Barnes – mandolin; Shad Cobb – fiddle; and Dave Peterson, Ray Ball, and Jim Whaley (Jimbo’s dad) on vocals.

The disc includes 11 gospel tunes. The selections include story songs, driving bluegrass numbers, contemplative ballads, and one a cappella number.” – Bluegrass Today

Inspirational Song: “I Know Where You Are”

Singer-songwriter, Jimbo Whaley is pleased to announce the release of his original song, “I Know Where You Are” to the gospel music market. The CD includes a vocal track and also a non-vocal performance track with a full orchestra.

Whaley penned the emotional song after a couple in his church went through a miscarriage. He recalls, “It just crushed them. I just started thinking about that one day. Although they were very sad, they could have some comfort in knowing that their child had gone to heaven. The Bible says that if one is taken before the age of understanding, then that soul goes to heaven, so even though they never met, they will one day.”

Whaley announced that all proceeds from the single will be donated to his home church, Gum Stand Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge. God has truly blessed me – from my family, to my home, to my music, so I thought this would be a good way to give Him just a little bit back.”

“There is such a sweet spirit in our church,” Whaley explained. “Not the building, the church. Too many people confuse the two. The church is God’s people – the place you meet, is your building. Although we just built a new building in the center of Pigeon Forge, we have already outgrown the building and need somewhere for our youth to meet. We need more Sunday School classes, a game room, a place where our young people can come out on Friday and Saturday nights and not be worried about drugs, alcohol, sex and whatever else our world offers today.

CD request can be sent directly to Gum Stand Baptist Church, 3031 Veterans Blvd., Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, phone 865-774-5997